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Everyone knows that summer on the Gulf Coast means afternoon thunderstorms & tons of rain. With the rain comes a major influx of fresh water in our Bays. With this being the case the inshore saltwater game fish their way close to the pass as they can get. Check out bridge pilings & other inshore structure along the beach during the day for Bedfish & Speckled Trout. If battling the summer sun is not appealing to you then try a Dock Lights Fishing Trip during the evening hours.

During Mid summer one can expect massive amounts of Lady fish along the surf, including a few Redfish & smaller sharks . On the other hand due to the break a few other nearshore species swim as King Mackerel have move to deeper waters around the nine mile mark. While there have been some sightings of Tarpon nearshore iths the specific species such as Wahoo & Mahi Mahi that can be found once you reach the blue water. As always the Jacks & Trigger are hanging out in deep waters and wrecks.For those of you brave enough to go after real deep sea monsters the Swordfishing in Destin is extreme right now.