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Catching a Great Barracuda in PCB

“The Barracuda accelerated to the lure and smashed it with a recklessness that gives me shivers to this day. It rocketed out of the water like a torpedo and then headed to Timbuktu, with my reel screaming so loudly, I thought the drag might fall.”

(sportfishingmag.com / Feb. 24, 2012)

Catching a Great Barracuda in PCB | Barracuda?

Great Barracuda are carnivorous fish, to be put differently, they should be part of the shark family. Barracuda have been seen to grow up to 8 feet and weigh approximately 100lbs. They usually grow between 2 to 3 feet and weigh between 5 to 20lbs. Great Barracuda are quite skinny, they have a snake-like appearance to them. Their backs are grey / brown and have these tiger-like stripes running down the side and some cases have dark speck on their white bellies. A Great Barracuda’s snake-like image is not the only terrifying feature but their deadly sharp teeth made to rip prey to pieces.

Catching a Great Barracuda in PCB | When and Where

Unlike most fish, Great Barracuda are year-around caught in Florida. If you ask any saltwater anglers and fishing is suddenly not good they know it’s either a shark or a Barracuda looking for prey. That being said, Barracuda are similar to sharks carnivorous character so they have barely any predators. Great Barracuda prefer to be close to the top of the water, coral reefs or seagrass. They prefer to swim in water temperatures ranging between 70 to 75 degrees.

Catching a Great Barracuda in PCB | How?

I recommend when fishing for Great Barracuda is by sight-casting with tube lures in bright colors. Rig up a high speed reel with 15 to 20lb braid, a 4ft piece of 30 pound fluorocarbon and 6 inch wire leader secured to the lure. Attach a dead ballyhoo to your hook and throw it far, when the Barracuda see it be prepared for a vicious fight.

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