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Catching Sailfish in PCB

“Widespread and accessible, Sailfish are one of the most popular targets for anglers among bluewater pelagic species in the tropical and subtropical waters of Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.” ~ (Sportfishingmag.com, 2019)


Catching Sailfish in PCB | Magnificent Creatures

Needless to say catching a Sailfish is kinda of a big deal. According to the Sport Fishing Association of America Sailfish are ranked 10th out of 100 of top game fish. With that being said, every catch could and should be considered the catch of a lifetime for many reasons. Sailfish are considered one of the quickest species of fish in the ocean and quite acrobatic when hooked. They can grow up to 220lbs and up to 11 feet long with a lifespan of only 4 years. Their size is not the only magnificent trait they have. Their coloring, with their gray and blue body and white bellies, along with their large fan like fin covering their backs makes this fish a trophy fish that is worth every bit of time and effort.

Most “world class” Sailfish operations in North America take place in south FL, Mexico, & the Caribbean’s. In addition, Panama City Beach is the hot spot on the northern Gulf of Mexico. The best window to Catch Sailfish in PCB is between June and August. One thing to keep in mind is that Sailfish prefer 70 to 75 degree waters. With that being said, we recommend that you go mid July and all through August.

Catching a Sailfish in PCB | How

Through recent breakthroughs in the saltwater angler industry, reports state that most tagged sailfish were swimming between the top of the water to almost 150 ft below. Sailfish are not considered bottom feeders so the best way to fish for them is by trolling. If you are on a boat with a tower, then we recommend to be on the look out from the top while trolling. This way you can spot the ones that may be hovering on top of the water looking for food. Another way to spot them is to look for birds, where there is a flock of birds, there is baitfish; and sailfish love them some baitfish. Sailfish will attack acrobatically and aggressively through the water, bear that mind when reeling up one of those.

Catching Sailfish in PCB |Stephen Lee’s Crazy Sailfish Experience:

I was visiting my in-laws at their condo in PCB. Luckily enough for me it was my wife’s grandmother’s 90th birthday and her whole family was in town for the occasion. In fact this was a tradition for many years… and fortunately for me it was during 4th of July.

This particular time I got a call from my buddy, Tad, about an fishing in PCB. I jumped on the opportunity. However upon arrival I discovered 2 things: one, it was not Tad’s boat and 2, this was going to be the boats Sea Trial. Basically, the boats working condition was questionable at best and none of the guys on site had any level of experience with fishing. I was a little weary, however, we did load more beer on the boat than fishing equipment so what could possibly go wrong?

After an hour of riding down the beach, heading out to a snapper hole, the boat stopped. We were not at the desired destination, there was no funny noises or unusual behavior coming from the engine room, no warning of any kind; the boat just stopped. Not only did the boat stop but so did the a/c and radio. We were floating in the water over absolutely nothing worth fishing for on the 4th of July. Furthermore, because it was one of America’s favorite boating holidays, Sea Tow told us to hang tight for another 6 hours! During that time the 6 of us managed to catch a single catfish and drank every single cold beer on site.

A few hours after we ran out of beer, water and food.

Finally Sea Tow arrived. The Sea Tow captain jokingly told us it was going to be a long ride so we might as well troll our rods on this 2 hour ride home. THEN THIS REALLY HAPPENED! Much to our surprise, we caught not only 1 but 2 Sailfish. Long story short….. If you’re going to skip out on a 90 year olds birthday and disappoint your in-laws, catching a prized Sailfish while being rescued by Sea Tow is not a bad way to do it.

Catch a Sailfish with PCBFG

While Stephen’s story ended well, it could have ended up not so exciting. Give us a call here at PCBFG and we will set you up with our top notch experienced fishing guides and on boats that are very well maintained and operated. Let us take all the stress and hassle out of a fishing experience you will never forget. Book your Sailfish trip today!