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Fishing for Amberjack in PCB

“Amberjacks are one of the top fighting fish out there, and are excellent on the grill or smoker when prepared fresh, so whether you’re an avid sportsman or looking for dinner, the Amberjack is a great fish to target” (theonlinefisherman.com, 2017)

Fishing for Amber in PCB | What are they

To be more specific, Greater Amberjack, is the most sought after because of it being the largest in the Amberjack family. They also put up an incredible fight when hooked. They have brown/blue colored backs and an amberish colored racing stripe on the side followed by their pure white bellies. Amberjack can grow in length up to 6 feet long and weigh up to 200lbs. Amberjack are most commonly found weighing up to 40lbs.

Fishing for Amberjack in PCB | When/Where

Amberjack season opens May1st and ends May 31st. Amberjack like warm climates and that being said, I recommend to fish them around this time of year. They reopen Amberjack season on August 1st and close it October 31st. Just like May, pick the warmest part of the season to get the best results. Amberjack isn’t any different to any other fish, they prefer any debris, wrecks or any type of reefs. they are commonly found 60 to 150 feet deep.

Fishing for Amberjack in PCB | How

If you’re wanting to catch a large Amberjack in PCB, you’re going to need heavy duty equipment to go head to head with this fish. I recommend a reel that can manage a drag of 25lbs or more. Line of 60 to 80 test is a good and the rod needs to be a hefty jigging kind that is 6ft or less for leverage. Lastly, live bait is highly recommended, keep in mind always hook your bait around the head for the fish to swim properly.

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