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Fishing King Mackerel in PCB

“King Mackerel are a great target for anglers to set their sights on. Quite often you don’t have to travel far to find them, they bite willingly, and they taste great”    – (Fishgame.com, 2019)

Fishing King Mackerel in PCB | What are King Mackerel

Just like many fish, King Mackerel can put you over the moon with their fighting spirit and beautiful long bluish gray frame. They can weigh up to 30lb but have also been known to weigh in at a whopping 90lbs. They grow between 19 and 35 inches and if you’re lucky enough to catch a 90lb King Mackerel, their length will be around 70lbs. King Mackerel are also well known for their terrifyingly sharp teeth that are all closely packed in. Therefore, be prepared when getting a King in the boat.

Fishing King Mackerel in PCB | When to Catch King Mackerel

Fishing, just like hunting, is all about time and season. However,  with King Mackerel they are one of the rare fish that have no season in Florida. Kings are year around. With that being said, this does not promise kings are BEST year around. King Mackerel prefer to swim in waters between 68 to 80 degrees. Furthermore, October/November and March/April is the best time to reel in a King Mackerel. Unfortunately, even though they do not have a season, they do have a bag limit. That limit is 3 per person with a 24″ snout to tail max.

Fishing King Mackerel in PCB | How to Catch a King Mackerel

Catching a King Mackerel in PCB is always best caught by trolling slowly through the waters. This method is recommended for beginners for it’s effectiveness and simplicity. King Mackerel prefer depths ranging between 40 to 150 feet, but keep in mind, only the larger Kings swim the deeper depths. In my experience, I’ve found that I favor trolling spoons when fishing for Kings. I set the spoons 4″ to 6″ span and position my leaders length around 20 inches (you want it long). Troll the lines behind the boat through channels and you got it!

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