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Fishing Reports

April 2019 Panama City Beach Fishing Report


It seems as if the weather took the last 30 day to decide on spring or not. Finally the patterns have started to even out and the PCB area so balancing between the 70’s and 80’s once we have a consistent average of 70 the King Mackerle will come in to near shore wattos along the beach. However the Pampino spanish and ladyfish are already flocking to the beach in droves. If your inshore fishing adventure keeps you away from the beach and in the bays cruise the watters around the 5ft mark. In addition to larger Redfish the Speckeled Trout are starting to school up.

The offshore fishing in PCB has been hendered by rough waters. However those angles that have taken advantage of a break in the weather have started to see KINGS AND COBIA (BLOG) moving in. as always the trigger are taking up the reefs. As Spring sets in and warmer weather takes hold of the woods and water in the hog hunting action heats up. Be sure to check out our partners @intercoastal safaris to take full advantage

March Fishing Report 2019 Panama City Beach


Mother nature does not discriminate when it comes to fishing. Both inshore and offshore fishing have been negatively affected by the harsh weather. Offshore, the wind is producing 4ft to 5ft swells.  With high winds, swells, and cooler than normal temperatures, Amberjacks and Vermillion Snapper along with Trigger fish are about as good as it gets during March fishing offshore.


Inshore fishing has provided some consistency with a strong Sheepshead and Redfish bite near the jetties. If your headed to the jetties, I suggest fiddler crab and fish bits for bait. March is the last month for quail hunting along the panhandle. This is the month that the hogs start to venture out in the fields during the daylight hours for the first time since deer season ended so be sure and take full advantage of the dog hunting in Intercoastal Safaris.

February Fishing Report 2019 Panama City Beach

February Fishing Report 2019 Panama City Beach


The majority of all the good stuff in the gulf has been closed to offshore fisherman. However, with February fishing the Tuna are hot! As the blackfin tuna are within sight of the beach, the yellowfin are hanging around the rigs. Those dedicated enough to try may very well be in for a treat.


Much like January the name of the game for the inshore fishing in Panama City is redfish, and sheepshead. Along with the occasional black drum fish in the deeper water around bridges and jetties. If at all possible use live shrimp and fiddler crab for bait. It will make a big difference. While there are a few pompano; redfish, bluefish, and flounder make for an excellent catch.

January Fishing Report 2019 Panama City Beach Florida

January Fishing Report 2019 Panama City Beach Florida


January fishing provides new opportunity. Federal waters open up for amberjack and triggerfish. Before you venture out please double check with the FWL to make sure your aware of any changes that may have taken place with the New Year, Although Grouper season is not in full swing the seabass along with black, white, vermillion snapper should provide those say trip warriors with plenty of fish to fight. For those of you brave enough to fight over night your going to have to cover some ground. the yellowfin have came a little closer to home.


I’ll make this easy on you. There are tons of Redfish, BlueFish, Flounder and Sheepshead inshore. Big or small, it makes no difference. They are all here and ready to play as long as the weather cooperates. Even if the fishing conditions go south that usually means prime time for coastal duck hunting. The inshore fishing will be rather timid this time of year. The sheepshead fishing from shore around the jetties and the bridge pilings may be true way to go. Live shrimp and squid caught the night before can make for the perfect bait once the sun comes out. Obviously we want to earn your business so give us a call and we can make these holidays one to remember with CAST & BLAST.

December Fishing Report 2018 Panama City Beach Florida

December Fishing Report 2018 Panama City Beach Florida


With temperatures ranging from 70 to 40 degrees, it’s the perfect time of the year to get the kids outdoors. While the yellowfin tuna are winding down from the peak month of November, they are still pretty hot. However, you don’t have to venture that far out to enjoy the great outdoors. The sheepshead, redfish and flounder can be easily found still in deeper inshore waters. Around the pass along the beach is another great option. Keep in mind a slot redfish are 18 to 27 inches. Have a camera ready because the bull reds are in town. December fishing is also a great month for quail and duck hunting. Be sure and give our friends at Intercoastal Safaris a call at 850-375-2223.

A Hurricane’s Effect on Fishing

A Hurricane’s Effect on Fishing

“Even with all our technology and the inventions that make modern life so much easier than it once was, it takes just one ing natural disaster to wipe all that away and remind us that, here on earth, we’re still at the mercy of nature” – Neil deGrasse Tyson

hurricane effects on fishing


My wife and I packed to go on a professional education trip to Arizona three days before Hurricane Michael made landfall on Oct 11, 2018. We didn’t know just how eventful of a week the Gulf Coast would have while we were gone. The suspected tropical depression turned tropical storm was inching quickly towards a CAT 1 hurricane. On Day 2 of our working vacation, Jeff Sanders (Hospitality Manager) informed me of two things……#1 Hurricane Michael may become a CAT 2 overnight and #2 everyone on Perdido Key was ignoring the MANDATORY EVACUATION issued by Gov. Scott. In addition to the mandatory evacuation, the Weather Channel showed this strengthening storm barreling towards Panama City Beach. Some of our inshore fishing friends on Perdido were out on the water casting a line.


Before Michael hit landfall between Mexico Beach and Port St. Joe Florida, these towns were considered by many to be one of the last strongholds for “Old Florida”. In addition to wiping out these to towns entirely and sinking the marinas, Hurricane Michael succeeded on toppling entire neighborhoods in Panama City Beach.

Unfortunately, when devastation of this magnitude hits coastal communities, an unforeseen side effect is the damage the waterways fall victim to. Think of all the tons of debris in conjunction with oil, has, raw sewage followed by silt and “river trash’ collecting in the bays and you will have a pretty clear picture of just how a hurricane affects fishing.


We are going to keep this simple. Panama City Beach suffered severe damage. Front Beach Road is often referred to as the miracle Mile. It’s namesake comes from the attractions, restaurants, bars, and condos that line the coast. Officials say it may be at least 30 days before power and water utilities are restored. As if the massive amounts of debris and chemical/sewage runoff is not bad enough, Treasure Island Marina, as we know it has been destroyed. Have you seen that collapsed dry storage facility with all the boast piled up? (That’s our guys) If you’re wondering about the hog hunting operation just north of Panama City Beach, watch this video below. ALL HUNTING AND FISHING OPERATIONS EAST OF DESTIN HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED.


November Fishing Report 2018 Panama City Beach Florida

November Fishing Report 2018 Panama City Beach Florida


November fishing in Panama City Beach Florida has plenty to offer. When it come to top water action, speckled trout is a great option. Trout can be found in the deeper channels and around the docks. Fishing the bridges and around the pass can result in large redfish. Keep in mind that the bigger redfish are found closer to the shore.

November and December are typically the most productive flounder months in the bay and the gulf. Look for shallow water structures and fish just downwind with a Carolina rig. This should make for a very productive day. If that’s not enough action for you then check out our friends to the west. Intercoastal Safaris can provide great afternoon redfish and trout action. They can combine this fishing trip with a great morning coastal duck hunt. Check out their popular Sportsman’s Cast N Blast options.


Nearshore and surfing fishing action along the shore is slow this time of year. There are few species available like redfish, sheepshead, and a few pompano. The real action is offshore! The winter bonita are here in the large numbers. Regardless of what locals might tell you, they can make for a very tasty distinguished meal. Many of the local restaurants can prepare you a hook and cook meal. Taking a venture out into the deeper waters will provide opportunities for the yellowfin tuna and swordfish. The seas are typically calmer in the winter months. Making a deep sea fishing trip a great option for all ages.

October Fishing Report 2018 Panama City Beach Florida

October Fishing Report 2018 Panama City Beach Florida

October Fishing Inshore

October fishing is probably at its best opportunity to visit Panama City Beach, FL. The low condo rates and uncrowded beaches provide relaxing and stress free vacation opportunities. The end of the summer had a large number of king and spanish mackerel in the area. Larger spanish, ladyfish, and whitening are found along the beach this time of year. A few lucky anglers have been able to spot some jack crevalle along with tarpon migrating through the beach.

October Fishing Offshore

In contrast to spring weather, the Panama City Beach area typically experiences relatively calm seas. With the area’s offshore rocky bottoms, fishing for red and scamp grouper is perfect this time of year. By default, large king mackerel are still swimming with the occasional triple tail also in tow.

Shark Fishing Report Panama City Beach July 2018

Shark Fishing Report Panama City Beach July 2018

Shark Fishing Report

Summer water temperatures bring in both bait fish (such as ladyfish, whiting, hardtail’s) and vacationers to the white sugar sand beaches of Florida. Someone else is also on vacation during this time of year as well. As the water temperatures rise a higher activity of sharks is present. Every year around the June-August time frame we see an increase in shark fishing activity.

Sharks are reported frequently swimming in the shallow waters along the beaches and piers. No need to worry, more often than not these creatures are not interested in human flesh unless provoked. With an increase in baitfish swimming along the sandbars located just off the local beaches sharks are swimming in for their daily feast of fresh meals.

Shark Fishing Strategies

This kind of activity provides a great opportunity to fish for something big without having to travel way offshore. For those looking for a fishing adventure there is no short supply of great shark fishing action. We recommend going with our Capt. Darren on his center console. This type of fishing experience is very similar to cobia fishing. Your captain has two different strategies when shark fishing. The first is site fishing for them on his boats tower. When standing on a center console fishing tower, Darren can see a farther distance and is looking for out of the ordinary large dark shadows swimming in the shallows. The other strategy is looking for topwater baitfish getting attacked by flocks of seagulls. More than likely the baitfish are surfacing due to a predator attacking from below.

Capt. Darren suggests that you have a better opportunity at landing sharks on mid morning trips for 7-11AM as the bite tends to die off during afternoon trips. You can expect for the shark fishing in the Panama City Beach area to remain strong throughout summers end.

“I’m just a simple guy swimming in a sea of sharks” ~ Don Johnson

Fishing Trip: The Ethical Standards Of Booking A Charter

Fishing Trip: The Ethical Standards Of Booking A Charter

Cleaning your fish after your trip.

After Your Fishing Trip: The Tip

You’re not a guide and your’e not paying any one to “go fishing for 4hrs.” Your paying for years of experience and local expertise. Expertise & experience is only as valuable as the time and money (gas)put in to the process. While no amount of preparation can guarantee a particular outcome we can insure a well equipped, professional guide ready and willing to put their skills to work. We provide a service by default in a service driven industry. Many guides simply overlook hospitality. We work closely with our guides to take what we call the “fishing party” approach to all our trips.
It’s your fishing party and we’re the host! If you look at the tour guide like a bartender then it’s easy to see how a %15 tip is considered customary.

After Your Fishing Trip: Fish Cleaning

So, you have a pile of stinky fish and you can’t cook them whole so now what? One option is to haul them back to your condo, mess up your kitchen, stain your clothes and deal with your new smell. Sounds convenient huh?
This is why PCBFG.com has partners with Treasure Island Seafood Market to clean & package your fish. We would encourage you to go check out the inside of our on site market and ask for cooking suggestions for your fresh catch. In addition, the knowledgeable staff can provide you with the perfect seasoning to spice up your, soon to be, home made masterpiece.

After Your Fishing Trip: Hook-N-Cook

The term “hook-n-cook” is exactly what it sounds like. You hook the fish and a restaurant cooks them. It’s that simple. If you find yourself in Panama City Beach your’e less than a mile from many seafood restaurants. Therefore, finding an establishment that offers a hook-n-cook option should be a relatively easy task to perform during your vacation. Most of these options include 2 sides and the fish that you provide. Most restaurants will offer greek, cajun, or blackened. Personally speaking I typically choose blackened. Be sure to let your captain know at the beginning of your trip how many mouths you need to feed if your’e planning on a hook-n-cook. As a sporting professional the last thing he wants to do is make an unnecessary harvest.

After Your Fishing Trip: Local Restaurant Suggestions

Here are 3 restaurants I recommend in the Panama City Beach area. The best part about these three is that they are all within a couple hundred yards of your boat when you go fishing with Panama City Beach Fishing Guides.
Dockside $12.99 / Plate
J Michaels $12.25 / Plate
Pier 77 $15 / Plate
If you or your guests are concidering fishing in the Panama City Beach area please give our
hospitality desk a call and we are more than willing to help any way we can.
Jeff Sanders – PCBFG