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Cleaning your fish after your trip.

After Your Fishing Trip: The Tip

You’re not a guide and your’e not paying any one to “go fishing for 4hrs.” Your paying for years of experience and local expertise. Expertise & experience is only as valuable as the time and money (gas)put in to the process. While no amount of preparation can guarantee a particular outcome we can insure a well equipped, professional guide ready and willing to put their skills to work. We provide a service by default in a service driven industry. Many guides simply overlook hospitality. We work closely with our guides to take what we call the “fishing party” approach to all our trips.
It’s your fishing party and we’re the host! If you look at the tour guide like a bartender then it’s easy to see how a %15 tip is considered customary.

After Your Fishing Trip: Fish Cleaning

So, you have a pile of stinky fish and you can’t cook them whole so now what? One option is to haul them back to your condo, mess up your kitchen, stain your clothes and deal with your new smell. Sounds convenient huh?
This is why PCBFG.com has partners with Treasure Island Seafood Market to clean & package your fish. We would encourage you to go check out the inside of our on site market and ask for cooking suggestions for your fresh catch. In addition, the knowledgeable staff can provide you with the perfect seasoning to spice up your, soon to be, home made masterpiece.

After Your Fishing Trip: Hook-N-Cook

The term “hook-n-cook” is exactly what it sounds like. You hook the fish and a restaurant cooks them. It’s that simple. If you find yourself in Panama City Beach your’e less than a mile from many seafood restaurants. Therefore, finding an establishment that offers a hook-n-cook option should be a relatively easy task to perform during your vacation. Most of these options include 2 sides and the fish that you provide. Most restaurants will offer greek, cajun, or blackened. Personally speaking I typically choose blackened. Be sure to let your captain know at the beginning of your trip how many mouths you need to feed if your’e planning on a hook-n-cook. As a sporting professional the last thing he wants to do is make an unnecessary harvest.

After Your Fishing Trip: Local Restaurant Suggestions

Here are 3 restaurants I recommend in the Panama City Beach area. The best part about these three is that they are all within a couple hundred yards of your boat when you go fishing with Panama City Beach Fishing Guides.
Dockside $12.99 / Plate
J Michaels $12.25 / Plate
Pier 77 $15 / Plate
If you or your guests are concidering fishing in the Panama City Beach area please give our
hospitality desk a call and we are more than willing to help any way we can.
Jeff Sanders – PCBFG