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                     Guide to Booking a Charter

Booking a charter can be difficult and confusing but I hope this blog will be a perfect guide to your future trip. Fishing is perfect for a stress free vacation. That being said, you don’t have to plan ahead of time with fueling up the boat, buying tackle, ect. If it’s your first time fishing or your 100th time, booking a fishing trip can get confusing. So, here are a few key essentials to keep in mind.

Guide to booking a charter | Location

Researching your vacation location is important and making sure your captain is close. In effect, you book a trip that claims it’s located in PCB but it’s 15 miles from you. It is still an option to travel that far if you prefer but all morning trips are bright and early. For this reason, knowing the charters location is super important to look into.

Guide to booking a charter| Type

Before you put your money down, you need to know if you want to fish inshore or offshore. Inshore is recommended for any children under 10 and/or is prone to seasickness. An Inshore captain will typically stay in the bay and max travel out 3 miles. Perfect for families or couples that is wanting a trip no more than 4 to 5 hours long. Offshore is no less than 6 hours and can max to 48 hours. If you are wanting to catch much larger species, offshore is perfect. Usually on a 6 hour trip, the captains will restrict the travel length to 20 miles. This type is perfect for families with teens and anybody who wants a good fight.

Guide to booking a charter | Captain

Another key point is knowing who is guiding you on your fishing trip. Take your time on researching the captains you have in mind. Look into their website (if they have one), read all their reviews as to why customers liked / hated the captain.Notably, a little due diligence here will go a long way. A point often overlooked is the boat as well. Go onto any social media or website they have and look at their boat. Be sure that it appears to be up to date and well cared for.

Guide to booking a charter | Price

Money is always important in a vacation. You want to save money but you don’t want to be ripped off. Do research into booking companies and read into their prices, find out the common price for the trip you’re wanting. Another important factor is to know what your preferred budget. Telling the captain your favored cost will put you in a better position.

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