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January fishing provides new opportunity. Federal waters open up for amberjack and triggerfish. Before you venture out please double check with the FWL to make sure your aware of any changes that may have taken place with the New Year, Although Grouper season is not in full swing the seabass along with black, white, vermillion snapper should provide those say trip warriors with plenty of fish to fight. For those of you brave enough to fight over night your going to have to cover some ground. the yellowfin have came a little closer to home.


I’ll make this easy on you. There are tons of Redfish, BlueFish, Flounder and Sheepshead inshore. Big or small, it makes no difference. They are all here and ready to play as long as the weather cooperates. Even if the fishing conditions go south that usually means prime time for coastal duck hunting. The inshore fishing will be rather timid this time of year. The sheepshead fishing from shore around the jetties and the bridge pilings may be true way to go. Live shrimp and squid caught the night before can make for the perfect bait once the sun comes out. Obviously we want to earn your business so give us a call and we can make these holidays one to remember with CAST & BLAST.