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Shark Fishing in PCB

The Gulf Coast is home to 10 different species of sharks available to hook into! Seasoned sportsmen and amateur anglers alike aspire to pursue these beasts. (intercoastalsfaris.com/ 2019)

Shark Fishing in PCB | Why?

Shark Fishing in PCB is a perfect thrill. Sharks are thrown out into society as man eating creatures, perfect example is the many Jaws movies. Make no mistake, Sharks are carnivores and ferocious beings. With that being said, we are considered in their food chain as a bundle of Kale. On the other hand, I still don’t recommend testing that fact but don’t be afraid of getting yourself out there to reel on up. In addition, similar to barracuda, sharks are extremely limited on predators after them. Which is a perfect reason to fish them more, to keep the population healthy.

Shark Fishing in PCB | When?

Shark Fishing can be fished at anytime but you do need to know which one’s you are allowed to kill. Thresher, Spinner, Bull shark, and Blacktip of some the few allowed to be killed. Blacktip have no minimum size limit and in the same fashion, no maximum size limit. Unfortunately, Thresher, Spinner and Bull shark should be no smaller than 54 inches. All have one shark per person, per day limit and an overlapping vessel limit of two sharks.

Shark Fishing in PCB | How?

Shark fishing should be known by now as a tough fight. That being said your equipment needs to be able to take a beating.  Significantly, most saltwater anglers have a 9 to 10 ft spinning rod with 50 to 80lb braid and me being one of them. Another key point is these rods need to have at least a 5ft, 175lb to 250lb steel leader and 15/0 circle hook and 4oz lead attached to a sinker lead. Once you’ve you got the proper tackle, all you need is bait. To put it simply, any large dead fish and some chum. Those shark will be sure to sniff that out quickly.

Why Fish with us?

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