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Shark Fishing Report

Summer water temperatures bring in both bait fish (such as ladyfish, whiting, hardtail’s) and vacationers to the white sugar sand beaches of Florida. Someone else is also on vacation during this time of year as well. As the water temperatures rise a higher activity of sharks is present. Every year around the June-August time frame we see an increase in shark fishing activity.

Sharks are reported frequently swimming in the shallow waters along the beaches and piers. No need to worry, more often than not these creatures are not interested in human flesh unless provoked. With an increase in baitfish swimming along the sandbars located just off the local beaches sharks are swimming in for their daily feast of fresh meals.

Shark Fishing Strategies

This kind of activity provides a great opportunity to fish for something big without having to travel way offshore. For those looking for a fishing adventure there is no short supply of great shark fishing action. We recommend going with our Capt. Darren on his center console. This type of fishing experience is very similar to cobia fishing. Your captain has two different strategies when shark fishing. The first is site fishing for them on his boats tower. When standing on a center console fishing tower, Darren can see a farther distance and is looking for out of the ordinary large dark shadows swimming in the shallows. The other strategy is looking for topwater baitfish getting attacked by flocks of seagulls. More than likely the baitfish are surfacing due to a predator attacking from below.

Capt. Darren suggests that you have a better opportunity at landing sharks on mid morning trips for 7-11AM as the bite tends to die off during afternoon trips. You can expect for the shark fishing in the Panama City Beach area to remain strong throughout summers end.

“I’m just a simple guy swimming in a sea of sharks” ~ Don Johnson